Wadia 170i transport w/ Universal Dock for iPod

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 by bstanton0101 posted on Apr 17, 2019 18:00

wadia 170i transport w universal dock for ipod
This needs an external DAC (Digital to Analog converter). The plastic remote is not included. The metal remote is included. An iPod nano 4th generation is also included."The 170iTransport bypasses the digital to analog conversion and analog output stage from the iPod. By providing a pure digital audio output from your iPod, the 170iTransport enables performance that is only limited by the resolution of the audio files stored on your iPod, and the overall quality of your audio system. In other words, the 170iTransport makes it possible to achieve true audiophile performance from your iPod." It only works with the old iPod connector. It uses the wide connector and is compatible with... iPod Touch (2nd generation, including late 2009 32GB and 64GB) iPod Touch (...
Onsale for $ 49.00 and shipping from Mesa, Arizona...read more on eBay...

 by ecko529 posted on Apr 16, 2019 17:53

wadia 170i transport ipod dock excellent used condition original owner
Wadia 170i Transport IPod Dock, Excellent Used Condition. Original Owner Turn your iPod into a high-end component The Wadia 170iTransport helps you get the best possible sound and picture from your iPod. Wadia has been creating high-performance digital audio products for years, and they've outfitted this dock with the connections you need for high-quality audio and video playback on your home system. The 170iTransport is the first dock that lets you bypass the iPod's built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC). That means you can get richer, more detailed sound by passing music signals digitally to your audio/video receiver or other high-performance components with built-in DACs, such as Wadia's perfectly matched151 PowerDAC mini. The 170iTransport also featu...
Onsale for $ 299.00 and shipping from Newburgh, New York...read more on eBay...

 by 123-maimai posted on Mar 20, 2019 02:06

wadia 171i transport for connection to an external dac
Wadia 171i Transport for connection to an external DACThe unit is made specifically for Apple Iphone, Ipad or Ipod 30 pin connector.For sale here only includes the items shown in pictures (Wadia 171i Transport, Remote, Power adapter, removable plastic Iphone/Ipad adapter cable, RCA cable).* You will need a DAC with either coaxial or optical input.In very good condition with some light scratches.Thanks for looking! * Return accepted in 30 days. Buyer is responsible for round trip shipping cost. 20% re-stocking fee will be applied....
Onsale for $ 300.00 and shipping from Chicago, Illinois...read more on eBay...

 by audio_adventure posted on Jan 24, 2019 16:32

wadia 6 cd player
Wadia 6 CD player Good Condition no original boxScratches - top panel, side panels, corners have small ones, cd tray door, front panel small ones...
Onsale for $ 1,595.00 and shipping from Houston, Texas...read more on eBay...

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