Mark Levinson 383 (Integrated by Madrigal)

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 by scarlett7710 posted on Nov 24, 2020 18:54

mark levinson 383 integrated by madrigal
Up for your consideration is a mint condition Mark Levinson No. 383 Integrated Amplifier (Remote Not Included). This unit has like-new black heat sinks and does have anodized purple heat sink issues like a some of the ML gear. I am down-sizing my hi-fi collection and this particular item is my favorite piece, it is ridiculously heavy, engineered beyond anything I have ever seen in an integrated amplifier with it's discrete circuitry. I can go on and on. The price is a very good deal, compared to past sales especially when you consider its pristine condition. Includes factory double boxes. Expect to sign directly for the package at your home or registered business address. I take photographs of all of the original expensive parts for serial no. like the trans...
Onsale for $ 3,299.00 and shipping from North Las Vegas, more on eBay...

 by le_336 posted on Oct 08, 2020 17:17

mark levinson 383 integrated by madrigal
Fantastic Mark Levinson sound. Integrated amplifier - Preamp and Amplifier all in one. Fully functional. Original Remote control, original boxes Cosmetically very presentable- there are a few marks that you will notice if you see up close. When settled down and from a few feets away, the marks are not noticeable. See pictures. Home Theater Bypass. Do i need to say built like a Tank like all Mark Levinson. === Conclusions At $5990, the Mark Levinson No.383 is expensive. But if you're looking for a solid-state integrated amplifier that's well-built, flexible (six inputs, balanced and single-ended), and engineered to pay careful attention to the purity of the incoming line-level signal, the No.383 merits serious consideration, whether or not its cost is an issu...
Onsale for $ 3,190.00 and shipping from Woodinville, more on eBay...

 by mokins posted on Nov 25, 2020 23:20

mark levinson preamplifier 28 and power supply pls 228
I am offering several vintage high end audio components. They belonged to a 90+ year old relative who stored them in my closet when he had to move to smaller housing around 2005. They remained in the closet untouched except for the occasional dusting. The owner was a meticulous and serious stereophile. He told me at the time that they were all in good working condition. Space being ever a challenge in my house I want to clear the closet for other things. Plus the pieces really deserve to be used and loved. I have zero knowledge of stereo matters,, so am offering the pieces AS IS at a steep discount from current market value, based upon the sales price of identical items on Ebay and elsewhere. The only thing I did was plug them in to a power source and they a...
Onsale for $ 950.00 and shipping from San Francisco, more on eBay...

 by vinyl-renaissance posted on Oct 29, 2020 20:36

mark levinson ml 11 power amplifier
Mark Levinson ML 11 Power Amplifier Mark Levinson ML 11 Power Amplifier Excellent cosmetic and electrical condition classic Levinson power amplifier. Unit has only light signs of wear and our service technicians have checked the unit to confirm it meets all original factory specifications. With its 2 x 50W in a small enclosure with the heat sinks hidden inside makes it look shy, but it's not. It another great amplifier of MLAS which is perfect as an all-purpose home hifi amplifier. Form Stereo power amplifier Stream composition Class AB operation Output power 50W+50W (8 ohm, both channel drive, a succession sine wave, 20Hz - 20kHz, and less than THD0.2%) 140W (at the time of 8 ohms and bridge connection) Frequency characteristic 6Hz - -50kHz three dB Input i...
Onsale for $ 1,000.00 and shipping from Overland Park, more on eBay...

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