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 by cj3209 posted on Feb 12, 2019 03:00

linn classik original cd player integrated amp model w remote
This is a Black Linn Classik Integrated Amp with CD Player. It's in excellent condition with very light scratches (pics are a bit too revealing). The remote control is included. I used this very sparingly in my home office over the past years (I had it connected bi-wired to a pair of Linn Katan speakers) and the sound was very good. Let me know if you're also interested in the Katan speakers (in cherry wood). The model does not have the tuner (never really listened to FM radio) and is rated for 50 watts @ 8 ohms or around 75 watts @ 4 ohms. It has plenty of power for small speakers in a small to medium-sized room. Bigger rooms or large power-hungry speakers will require a bigger amp. The great thing about this unit is that you can connect to a bigger amp and...
Onsale for $ 112.50 and shipping from Culver City, more on eBay...

 by audiovideomanallmedia posted on Feb 15, 2019 22:20

linn katan speakers
For Sale - Barely Used Pair of Linn Katan bookshelf speakers - Black...
Onsale for $ 300.00 and shipping from Millburn, New more on eBay...

 by roguefinds posted on Feb 11, 2019 00:38

linn speakers kan iv model one pair audiophile quality
Linn Speakers. 'Kan IV’ model. One pair. Audiophile quality. Mounting brackets included. In original packaging....
Onsale for $ 300.00 and shipping from Destrehan, more on eBay...

 by jrt12341234 posted on Feb 14, 2019 22:38

linn lk100 2 channel power amplifier
Onsale for $ 200.00 and shipping from Pittsburgh, more on eBay...

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