Linn Majik 109 Speakers In Cherry

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 by carmelbythecorn posted on Aug 24, 2019 21:17

linn majik 109 speakers in cherry
Thought you might want to read the Stereophile review. These speakers are in great shape. Shipped in original packaging. The three-way 109 is unusual in comprising a 0.75" (19mm) fabric-dome supertweeter covering all frequencies above 6kHz, a 1.2" (30mm) soft-dome tweeter of polyurethane elastomer whose range is 1.5–6kHz, and a 5" woofer that handles everything from 1.5kHz down. This combination of tweeter and supertweeter, which Linn dubs the 2K array, is derived from the 3K and 4K tweeter-supertweeter arrays used in Linn speakers costing $6000–$47,000/pair. The primary differences between the tweeters and supertweeters used in the 2K array and those used in the more expensive speakers are the diameters of the drivers, which are determined by the differ...
Onsale for $ 750.00 and shipping from Westfield, more on eBay...

 by junebizug1 posted on Aug 13, 2019 22:37

linn katan speakers white
Beautiful pair of Linn Katan speakers in whiteExcellent cosmetic condition - few small chips on corners (see pics) but not visible unless closely inspectedThey are fully tested and sound amazingWill ship in the original box with original packing materialShipping will be $50 to the continental USA...
Onsale for $ 499.99 and shipping from Portland, more on eBay...

 by double8audio posted on Aug 18, 2019 18:12

genuine factory linn lp12 sondek outer platter with matching felt mat
This is a USED factory genuine Linn outer platter with a matching black felt mat. The buyer of this auction will receive an outer platter with a black felt mat as shown in the pictures. Please note we will ship with - in North America only for $22. Please note a similar outer platter was sold for $198 recently here, and it was without a black met....
Onsale for $ 199.00 and shipping from Virginia Beach, more on eBay...

 by flutedude posted on Aug 14, 2019 15:41

linn ittok vii
For sale a Linn Ittok VII tonearm. No box, no arm cable, no head shell leads. All of the cables easily found elsewhere. This arm is in excellent condition. All bearings good, no drag or chatter. Comes with Arm Rest....
Onsale for $ 800.00 and shipping from Hillsborough, North more on eBay...

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