KRELL KAV-250a 2-Channel Power Amplifier with Throughput (NEAR MINT)

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 by parallel-x posted on Aug 20, 2018 21:06

 krell kav 250a 2 channel power amplifier with throughput near mint
KRELL KAV-250a 2-Channel Power Amplifier with Throughput: 250 watts per channel -- 2 channel stereo power amp Beautiful amp cosmetically with gorgeous sound (typical over build design as with all Krell products!) * Serviced by Krell authorized dealer in 2010 -- fuses and caps. replaced. * Comes with original users manual and a heavy gauge audiophile AC power cord Hardly ever used since purchasing it over 4 years ago since I was bitten by the "tube bug" and consequently smitten by the vacuum tube sound around the same time I purchased this Krell. I'm not bashing the Krell or solid state amps in general by any means -- I just had to make a choice in the direction I wanted my audio setup to go and I just preferred the warmer sound of vacuum tubes after using so...
Onsale for $ 1,200.00 and shipping from Smoaks, South more on eBay...

 by audiophilerules posted on Aug 20, 2018 13:00

krell showcase surround 7 1 pre amp processor
Excellent Krell Processor , But an even better stereo Preamplifier. I don't have the Box but it will be very well pack to ensure safe arrival to it's new home. Come with the manual and remote control. This unit has been clean clean out and replaced a few capacitors fully tested all inputs and outputs. Please contact me with any questions or offers. Thanks...
Onsale for $ 500.00 and shipping from Ogden, more on eBay...

 by higherenddeals posted on Aug 20, 2018 01:47

aragon 28k remote preamplifier krell design complete and near mint in box
Aragon 28K line stage preamplifier, serial #044218, complete with remote control, detachable power cord, owner's manual, and original factory packaging.Designed by Krell's Dan D'Agostino for Mondial/Aragon, often considered a poor man's KRC-3. Military spec build quality using premium components.This one is perfect operationally and near mint cosmetically. Probably one of the nicest ones you will ever see. Originally $1,250 ($2,154 in 2018 dollars) and worth every penny then - even a better deal now! It would be hard to find a better built, better sounding remote controlled line stage for less money.You may read my feedback to be assured of a smooth deal. FRE SHIPPING IN THE CONUS!! Buyer from Alaska and Hawaii please contact me for a quote....
Onsale for $ 599.00 and shipping from Santa Barbara, more on eBay...

 by zimick posted on Aug 12, 2018 21:55

krell krc 2 preamplifier
Up for sale is my treasured Krell KRC 2 Pre Amp.Google it and read rave after rave review - this was thought to be one of the best pre amps of its time and still is highly regarded. It was purchased new by me in March 1994 and has been in use since then, no smoking household. Check out the pictures as it could pass for new with the exception of some tiny marking on one upper corner. (picture attached) Look at the picture of the RCA's... They look untouched!This does not have the phono pre amp section. This was 3200 dollars in 1994! Imagine what 2018 cost would be!! If you are looking at this then you are an audiophile. I do my best to sell things with accurate descriptions and realistic expectations. This preamp was in use in my system until about a month ag...
Onsale for $ 1,125.00 and shipping from Bondville, more on eBay...

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