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 by soundzzzgood posted on Nov 20, 2019 01:16

carver m 1 0t magnetic field power amplifier
Carver M-1.0t Magnetic Field Power Amplifier acquired from the family of the original owner. Thoroughly tested this power amplifier works 100% as designed. Both left and right channel have powerful output and all power indicator and meter lamps illuminate as they should. Stereo / mono switch on the back of the set has been tested and it also works as it should. Cosmetically there are some scratches on the top of the case. Please view the auction photos included in this auction. What you see is Exactly what you get. NO UNPLEASANT SURPRISES. Shipping cost includes packing/handling/and insurance. US SALES ONLY, (Ships to the 48 US Mainland States Only.) PAYMENT OPTIONS: PayPal is accepted and preferred . WE ONLY SHIP WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL USA (48 States.) For ...
Onsale for $ 114.27 and shipping from New more on eBay...

 by audiodave-2008 posted on Nov 16, 2019 20:31

carver ct 27v
Classic CARVER CT-27v in good working order and condition. Tested and working as it should. Some lettering worn off and scratches on top and along top edge. I've cleaned it on the inside and outside as well as the controls on the inside. No remote. Free shipping in continental U.S only....
Onsale for $ 124.99 and shipping from Newbury Park, more on eBay...

 by russkall posted on Feb 01, 2019 20:07

carver m 500t faceplate black with bezels handles spacers hardware
NEW M-500t faceplates in Black! The handles are NOT separate like the OEM version, but actually part of the Faceplate for a clean No Line look! **AMP NOT INCLUDED** Each faceplate order will come with the following: 1) Faceplate2) Handles, handle washers, & mounting screws3) Handle Spacers for behind the faceplate4) Bezels with mounting screws5) Power button6) 10 Page Instruction sheet with Color PICs Do you own the M-500 Version without a Power Button? See my AD for an M-500 Power Button Add-On Kit designed to work with your AMP and my Faceplates!...
Onsale for $ 120.00 and shipping from Dayton, more on eBay...

 by woodshrink posted on Nov 18, 2019 02:53

carver c 4000 preamp
I bought this C-4000 in 1980 if I recall correctly. An early production unit. Serial # 393. The last time I used it, about 20 years ago, it was still performing flawlessly. It's been stored in its original box since that time. Complete with owner's manual and some review articles of the same vintage. The first time I auditioned this preamp, I couldn't believe the sonic holography. I got a lot of wows about my system over the next twenty years. Due in no small part to this great preamp and Bob Carver's genius. The preamp was only lightly used, and I was fanatical about how I looked after my audio system, which was a five figure investment. No one but me ever touched it. The pictures tell the story. For the new owner of this preamp, be aware that the speakers ...
Onsale for $ 216.50 and shipping from Morganton, North more on eBay...

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Carver C-1 Bill D Preamplifier Modification Service
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vintage hi fi carver m 200t magnetic field power amplifier excellent condition
Vintage Hi-fi Carver M-200t Magnetic Field Power Amplifier Excellent Condition!!
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carver c1 preamp excellent
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carver a 220 total direct coupled 2 channel power amplifier
Carver A-220 Total Direct Coupled 2-channel Power Amplifier
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