Linn Sondek LP12 Solid Base

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 by sbhand posted on May 14, 2018 18:27

linn sondek lp12 solid base
Original Linn solid baseboard. This was professionally removed from a LP12 by a Linn dealer. 4 rubber feet and 2 fitting screws are included (I don't have the other 2 screws). This baseboard dates from around 2006 or 2007. It is made of some type of plastic composite material and would be an upgrade over the earlier pressboard type base board. There are come color imperfections (likely due to bearing oil on the hands of the installer) but these are cosmetic and not seen as they are on the underside of the turntable when installed. Great for a rebuild of an older LP12. This item is sold as is. Item is as pictured and no other mounting hardware is included....
Onsale for $ 35.00 and shipping from Rockville, more on eBay...

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