Two Linn LK240 Mono block Amplifiers

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 by mborrelli62 posted on Nov 23, 2020 20:56

two linn lk240 mono block amplifiers
Two Linn LK240 Mono block Amplifiers. Condition is "Used". A pair of Linn LK240 Monoblock Power Amplifiers being sold as a pair. Both are in excellent working order. These amps can be fitted with certain Linn AKTIV crossover cards (not included). LK240 SINGLE SPEAKER POWER AMPLIFIER TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Type: 240W Single Speaker Power Amplifier Max Input Power: 400W Standby power consumption: Output power: 240W into 4 Ohms. 125W into 8 Ohms. Input signal for maximum output: 1.15V rms Max. output Voltage: 31V rms Gain: x27 (28.6dB) Input Impedance: 4,700 Ohms Frequency response: (-3dB) 2Hz - 50 kHz Output offset: Signal sense threshold: >150uV rms Fuse rating: 115V T6.3A 230V T3.15A 100V model T6.3A Dimensions: Width 320mm x Depth 326mm x Height 80mm Weig...
Onsale for $ 200.00 and shipping from Atlanta, more on eBay...

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