Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II Tilt Shift Lens in original box w/original accessories

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 by 270winrem700 posted on May 22, 2018 20:12

canon ts e 24mm f 3 5l ii tilt shift lens in original box w original accessories
The TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II lens is a member of Canon's incredible lineup of tilt-shift lenses that include the capability of camera movements, as would be found in a view camera.  It is one of the exceptional features of the Canon EOS mounting system.  Because the EOS mount has such a large diameter, it is possible to move the image around on the sensor in such a way that you can control perspective and plane of focus.  These lenses are particularly useful in nature, landscape, architectural and macro photography, and they can be of value in portrait, tabletop, and other genres as well. I am a hobbiest.  At one time the hobby aspect was the photography.  In recent years, as other interests have pushed photography aside, the hobby has been collecting.  Tha...
Onsale for $ 1,399.00 and shipping from Cookeville, more on eBay...

 by 270winrem700 posted on May 22, 2018 19:42

conrad johnson pv8 preamp w factory teflon capacitor upgrade and phono section
I've owned many Conrad Johnson tube preamps over the years, including a current model. I've recently made an attempt to consolidate my hobby into two listening rooms, and I've got more preamps than I can possibly use.  I've already sold a couple of others.  The next on the sales list is my PV8. I love this preamp (I love all of them), but this one is special because it has had the famous Conrad Johnson proprietary Teflon Capacitor upgrade (to the tune of over $1200).  Does it sound like it's worth it?  Yes.  I have been amazed at the performance.  It rivals the current model ET3SE, except that in many ways, it's actually better.  Remember, the ET3SE is considered to be GAT-like according to many reviewers. So what are those ways?  Well, first of all,...
Onsale for $ 1,099.00 and shipping from Cookeville, more on eBay...

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